US Rep. Kennedy: Nation needs a “moral capitalism” to thrive

BOSTON (AP) — U.S. Rep. Joe Kennedy is urging policymakers to embrace a “moral capitalism” that will offer more opportunities to all Americans.

The Massachusetts Democrat said Monday the country needs an alternative to the “trickle-down, feed-the-top, if-you’re-struggling-try-harder narrative” that he says conservatives have been pushing for years.

He said President Donald Trump has fostered a bitter rivalry between fellow citizens that encourages them to endlessly spar over economic scraps.

Kennedy also chided those on the political left, saying they’ve failed to offer a competing and compelling economic vision.

He said Democrats need to do more than just issue calls to tax the rich to meet the country’s infrastructure, childcare, health care, college and climate change needs.

Kennedy made the comments Monday before a meeting of the New England Council in Boston.

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