10-year-old boy drives to store, speeds away in police chase

FOSTORIA, Ohio (AP) — Ohio police say an erratic, speeding driver who led an officer on a brief pursuit turned out to be a 10-year-old boy who took his parents’ car without permission and drove 11 miles to a nearby city to shop at a convenience store.

WTOL-TV reports an officer tried to stop a driver who wasn’t using headlights and kept braking Sunday morning, and the vehicle took off at 70 mph.

Police in Fostoria (fahs-TOH’-ree-uh), roughly 40 miles south of Toledo, say the vehicle eventually struck a curb and stopped. No one was hurt.

The boy, from the nearby town of Kansas, was taken into custody and charged with fleeing from police. His parents haven’t been charged. The Review Times reports juvenile court and children’s services are reviewing the case.

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