Arkansas tradition of dropping turkeys from planes under fire

YELLVILLE, AR (WHDH) — A longtime tradition at an Arkansas town festival is now coming under fire.

Every year during the town’s Turkey Trot parade, someone flies overhead and drops live turkeys from the plane.

This year, some people are not too happy with the annual tradition. Some think it is inhumane and they’d like to see the tradition come to an end.

Crowds line the square in Yellville once a year for the annual parade.

Four turkeys were dropped from a plane on Saturday.

“Between the power lines, landing in the creek and traffic around here, I’ve noticed a lot of birds just being killed,” Bobby Wilson, Yellville resident, said.

Arkansas Game and Fish said the issue is out of their hands because the turkeys are considered pets, not wild animals.

The Turkey Trot continues to draw people from across the state.

Some people even sold T-shirts to commemorate the event.