Dashcam captures carjacking fail in Louisiana

A couple of armed men walked up to one man at a car wash, but were quickly washed away when he jumped into action.

Michael Davis, said he was about three minutes into his car wash when he was approached by two men, one who was armed.

“I turned and I said, I’m not interested I don’t have any money or anything, and when I turned back around a guy had come around the corner with a gun, pointed at me,” said Davis.

The entire thing was caught on his dashcam.

“He said give me your keys and your money and I said, “what’d you say?” and I took the sprayer and I just sprayed it right in his face and I heard his friend try to run and get my backside so I turned around a sprayed him and hit him and they took off running. The whole situation to me was almost surreal,” said Davis.

Davis said what scared him the most was thinking about what could have happened, but he doesn’t regret his decision to fight back.

“Do what you can with the tools that you have. I don’t care if you’re a small person, you can intimidate somebody like that just by taking action,” said Davis.

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