New Mexico Boy Scout troop donates Christmas trees

NEW MEXICO (WHDH) — A New Mexico Boy Scout troop spent countless hours this winter working at their Christmas tree lot.

The Troop’s leader said the boys learned a lesson on supply and demand this year. Though the boys usually sell close to 400 Christmas trees each year, they still had close to 100 left.

With Christmas just days away, the troop saw their lackluster sales as an opportunity.

With support from troop leaders, Boy Scout Nick Biewen said, “We’re going to give away the trees for people in need.”

Georgia Montoya,Troop 409 leader, said they realized the troop could not simply recycle the trees, so they agreed to give them away.

“How about we just try to get the word out, that if somebody needs a tree, they can come to the lot and pick out any tree and take it home,” Montoya said.