New study shows eight in 10 drivers express road rage

A new survey shows almost eight of 10 drivers in the US have expressed some form of road rage in the last year.

The survey released Thursday by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety said road rage behavior includes anything from following too closely, yelling at another vehicle, cutting them off or making gestures.

According to the survey, nearly eight million drivers participated in even more extreme behavior on the roads, including bumping or ramming another car on purpose or getting out of a car to confront a driver.

The most aggressive drivers are men ages 19-39.

Men are three times more likely than females to get out of a car to confront another driver.

Certain aggressive behaviors, like honking and gesturing, are more prevalent in the northeast, according to the research.

AAA’s Director of Traffic Safety Advocacy urges drivers to “maintain a cool head and focus on reaching your destination safely.”

The National Highway Safety Administration estimates almost two-thirds of crash death involve aggressive driving.