New York boy asks President Obama to help boy injured in Aleppo

A 6-year-old boy has reached out to the White House to try to help a boy in the middle of a civil war in Syria.

Alex, from New York, was inspired to write a letter to President Obama after seeing a photo of 5-year-old Omran Daqneesh sitting in an ambulance in Aleppo.

“Dear President Obama,” the boy said as he read the letter aloud. “Remember the boy who was picked up by the ambulance in Syria? Can you please go get him?”

Alex’s letter was transformed into a video produced by the White House.

“We will be waiting for you guys with flags and flowers and balloons,” the letter said. “Catherine, my little sister, will be collecting butterflies and fireflies for him.”

Alex went on to say he wants Omran to go to school with him to meet his friends and to share toys with him and his sister.

At a meeting to discuss the Syrian refugee crisis this week, President Obama read the letter to world leaders he almost could not finish.

“Omran and his family remain in Aleppo,” Obama said. “Waiting for peace. And Alex is waiting too.”