Ohio man reunited with family heirlooms stolen off his porch

AKRON, Ohio (AP) — An Ohio man has been reunited with family heirlooms that he feared were lost when thieves swiped several packages from the porch of his Akron home last week.

Kyle Barron says the thieves must have thought the boxes were Christmas presents, but they actually were precious family mementoes that he had shipped from Oregon following his mother’s recent death.

The contents of the packages included Barron’s father’s ashes, family photographs and a paperweight that held deep sentimental value among other items.

After reading about the theft, one of Barron’s neighbors on Thursday went to inspect footprints that he had noticed in the snow in front of a vacant home across the street.

There in the snow, John Shepherd found the packages, which he returned to his grateful next-door neighbor.

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