Police: Autopsies done for sisters found dead in Seychelles


VICTORIA, Seychelles (AP) — Police in Seychelles say two American women found dead in their resort island villa died of excess water in their lungs.

The bodies of 37-year-old Annie Korkki of Denver and 42-year-old Robin Korkki Chicago were found at the Maia resort, on the western side of the Seychelles main island, Mahe. Seychelles is an archipelago nation off Africa’s east coast in the Indian Ocean.

The Seychelles News Agency reports Friday that autopsies show the sisters, who were Minnesota natives, died from acute pulmonary edema, or water in their lungs. Cerebral edema, or water in the brain, was also cited in Anne Korkki’s death.

The news agency reports that the autopsies were done Wednesday by a forensic pathologist in the neighboring Indian Ocean island of Mauritius.

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