Politicized Pokemon-like app launches, ‘HillaryDonald Go’

BOSTON (WHDH) - A new app called ‘HillaryDonald Go’ is a politicized version of the ‘Pokemon Go’ app.

Associate Professor Joseph Bafumi, one of the app’s creators, says just like a real vote, “good vibes” in the app shows support for a candidate.

“The more I shake the more vibes or points are given to my candidate of choice.” Bafumi says.

An augmented-reality app, the game uses a map and allows people to spot candidates at various locations.

College student Uma Ramesh said she hopes the app will get more people involved in the political process.

“Adding an element of competitive gamesmanship to it has helped lighten their feelings about it a little bit,” Ramesh said.

“By drawing more people to the candidates and expressing their opinions will help increase a voter turnout for youths.”



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