Price of Epi-pens skyrockets, raising questions

As the public outcry continues over the skyrocketing cost of Epi-pens, we are now learning executives at the company that makes the device gave themselves enormous raises.

The wholesale price for the life-saving Epi-pen rose from $56 to more than $317 over an eight-year period.

During that same time, 2007-2015, total compensation for the CEO of Mylan, which manufactures the Epi-pen, went from just under $2.5 million per year to nearly $19
million per year.

Mylan first bought the rights to Epi-pen in 2007 and has raised the price every year.

Over that time, the publicly-traded company’s stock price more than tripled.

Congress is now starting to scrutinize the company’s pricing and shares of Mylan were down more than four percent in trading Tuesday.