Video captures snake slithering out under car hood

CLEARWATER, FL (WHDH) — A snake startled a Florida man after it slithered out from under his car hood over the weekend.

Tim Mokwa was driving home from work when a snake joined him.

In a post on Facebook, Mokwa said the approximately six-foot-long serpent popped its head out from under the hood and tried to come in the window.

Mokwa also said the video didn’t show the entire snake.

Mokwa said he grew up catching snakes as a kid, but seeing a snake right in front of him was a little too close for comfort.

It turned out the snake traveled from Weeki Wachee over the weekend where Mokwa went kayaking as the serpent slept in his Sonata.

He decided to give the snake some space so it could slither away on its own.

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