A Utah police officer will not face criminal charges for shooting the wrong man.

It all started last October as police officer Corey Tsouras chased car theft suspect Jeremy Bowden.

During the chase, Bowden fired a gun multiple times at Tsouras.

The bullets hit the patrol car, shattering windows and passing through the driver’s headrest.

One shot was lodged in Tsouras’ bulletproof vest.

As Tsouras retreated, Dustin Evans arrived on the scene, not knowing what was taking place.

The officer began pursuing Evans, thinking he was the suspect.

Surveillance video captured Evans crawling out the passenger side of his car and running away.

Evans then turns toward his car, raising one hand, presumably to lock the car.

At that moment, that Tsouras fired at Evans.

Evans was hit multiple times and is still recovering.

The Salt Lake County District Attorney said while the shooting was unjustified, Officer Tsouras will not face criminal charges.




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