Uxbridge picks up one of highest snow totals from Tuesday nor’easter

UXBRIDGE, MASS. (WHDH) - Several communities were counting the inches as snow totals piled high across the region. But one town picked up an impressive 28 inches of snow — one of the highest totals in the state.

It’s piled high downtown and it’s piled high up in the hills, and only now are residents getting back to normal.

The town is Uxbridge, which is now digging out after what is believed to be among the highest snow totals in the region.

Vin Gadbois was cleaning off the bed of his pickup truck and thinking about the terrible March weather we’ve all endured.

“We had a couple storms in February but nothing like the last three we’ve endured,” he said.

The streets are dry and clear now. The warm March sun has been a great ally for public works crews.

Benn Sherman, the city’s director of public works, says his snow plowing budget is at least $100,000 in the red. Now the big plows have been taken off the trucks and the plow drivers are trying to get a little rest.

After he cleared his driveway with a snow blower, Earl Lanagan told 7News that even though Uxbridge is a town that nearly hit the jackpot for snow totals, he doesn’t feel like much of a winner today.

“I hope we’re all done, completely,” he said. “These machines are going away and my lawn mower is coming out.”


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