LYNN, Mass. (WHDH) — A woman was killed when she was hit by a car Sunday night, but a pair of teenage witnesses made sure the baby who was with her got to safety.

Authorities and witnesses said a van backing out of a parking spot repeatedly struck a 61-year-old woman pushing a baby carriage. Emergency crews had to use airbags to lift the van off of the woman.

“There was a Honda Odyssey that backed up and struck the 61-year-old female. She was deceased on scene after the accident,” said Lt. Chris Kelly of the Lynn Police Department.

The Lynn woman had been pushing her 18-month-old granddaughter in a stroller. The impact tossed the baby loose.

“I saw a baby underneath the car. The body was not moving,” said Japin Patel of Riverside Convenience.

Police confirm two teenagers on a date rushed over to try and stop the van. They ended up picking the baby up from the ground.

“Obviously wasn’t much they could do because it took the fire department and a lot of work to get the victim away from the car, but it’s good people tried to assist her,” said Kelly.

The baby was rushed to the hospital to be checked out. She is doing fine.

State police are working with Lynn authorities to reconstruct the accident.

“Right now no charges have been filed against the operator pending the outcome of the investigation. Then charges may or may not be filed,” said Kelly.

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