DERRY, N.H. (WHDH) — A family in New Hampshire crying bah humbug after a scrooge destroyed their Christmas display.

An elaborate and expensive Christmas display lights up a front yard but in the middle of the night a Grinch came out from the shadows.

This vandal slithered and slunk, trudging through the New Hampshire snow to slice and dice almost every inflatable they could reach.

David Borque said he has no idea who would do this to his holiday decorations.

“If you drive through the neighborhood, you see there's lots of lights none of other neighbors were impacted, so it begs the question, was I targeted? I don’t know that anyone has a grudge against me, not that I know of,” Borque said.

Borque’s display was also attacked last month; he said police weren’t able to provide much help.

“We had absolutely no leads, no video, and police said ‘there's really nothing we can do for you,’” Borque said.

He patched up those reindeer and Santa and put them back in the yard with the addition of an expensive security camera to keep an eye on inflatable Santa while the sleep.

Last Friday, Borque’s family woke up and saw their inflatables had been slashed again.

Even though they weren't surprised, the Borques were still upset.

“The first one that was cut in the video was given to her as a memorial for her mother that passed away so it has a lot of sentimental value for her. That brought her to tears to see that it was completely destroyed,” Borque said.

Police now have the video, which includes several clues. There's a car that passes at the same time, and you can see this Grinch uses their left hand.

All the air hasn't been taken out of Christmas in Derry, the Borques got an early present from none other than the big guy himself.

“Santa Clause, from Home Depot delivery, dropped off some new inflatables for us and we're going to be putting them up starting tomorrow,” Borque said.

If the vandal is caught they could face felony charges.

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