Vape pen, e-cigarette buyback planned to discourage teen vaping in Salem

Students in Salem are being asked to participate in a vape pen and e-cigarette buyback program on Monday.

The city is offering students $50 gift cards to Target, Market Basket, Stop & Shop or other area businesses in exchange for their vape pens and cigarette devices, town officials said.

Residents who attend Salem High School, Salem Academy Charter School, New Liberty Innovation School, and Salem Prep High School can turn in their pens and devices to Salem High School’s Teen Health Center.

The initiative is being launched to discourage high school-aged youth from vaping in partnership with North Shore Community Health and North Shore Medical Center.

Students will also be required to complete four vaping cessation support sessions at Salem High’s Teen Health Center in order to receive the gift card.

Each session is about 45 minutes long.

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