What I really enjoy about living in New England and its climate is the variety. Even within a season you can sometimes get a lot of variety (makes it even better for my storytelling!) and this summer has been a perfect example of that variety. We’ve had some rainy days here/there, a bunch of sunny days, some oppressively humid days and a lot of comfortable days.

No different this week as yesterday was absolutely delightful for outdoor plans with comfortable temps & low humidity. That changes today & again tomorrow with more heat & humidity. No record heat or anything like that but you’ll notice the change in air. Temps the next two days make a run at 90 but despite the near-90 degree heat little to no shower/thunderstorm activity is expected.

By late tomorrow night a cool front enters New England and that will pop some scattered showers/storms but not until well after dark around these parts. This front will need some extra time on Thursday moving away from New England so plan on clouds and a few showers during the morning hours (not a washout). This front will also snap our weather right back into the comfy category for Friday & again on Saturday.


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