Vermont to open COVID vaccines to out-of-state students

MONTPELIER, Vt. (AP) — The state of Vermont is expecting to expand eligibility for the COVID-19 vaccine to out-of-state college students and second homeowners on April 30.

Gov. Phil Scott announced the policy change on Wednesday after he initially said vaccines in the state would be reserved for state residents.

For the purposes of being vaccinated, Vermont defines residents as people who have lived here for six months, including college students who plan to spend the summer in the state.

On April 19, Vermont is expanding vaccinations to everyone over 16.

When asked by a student journalist from the Vermont Cynic, the newspaper at the University of Vermont, about vaccinations for students, Scott said it was Vermonters first.

In a clarifying his statement issued late Wednesday, Scott said discussions have been ongoing about when to make non-resident students eligible to be vaccinated.

“Based on the current vaccine supply forecasts, and as long as doses continue to be allocated at the current level, the state expects to expand registration for COVID-19 vaccines to any college students who do not meet the residency definition above, as well as second homeowners returning to Vermont for the summer months, on April 30,” the statement said.

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