Veteran burned by Roman candles fired by group launching fireworks in South Boston

BOSTON (WHDH) - A veteran who says he was shot with Roman candles outside of his South Boston home about two weeks ago is calling on city officials to take action.

Mark McKunes is recovering from second- and third-degree burns on his chest and neck after he says a group lighting illegal fireworks attacked him.

“I seen they were lighting them off near my car, hitting my car,” McKunes described.

He asked them to move and he says the group retaliated by punching and kicking him before they fired Roman candles at him.

“I tried getting it out of my shirt where it burnt me all up; finally was able to pull it out and I turned around, and I actually looked at the kid as he had it pointed at my face and I was able to move away before that one hit me,” McKunes recalled.

On Monday night, McKunes told his story to local leaders who are searching for a solution to the growing illegal fireworks problem in the city.

“They are terrorizing the neighborhood,”McKunes said. “This is a disorderly conduct problem, no longer just innocent kids shooting off fireworks.”

Mayor Martin J. Walsh is forming a task force to address the issue but McKunes says he wants the city to take real action quickly.

“It’s about time they stand up for the citizens of Boston and blame the individual,” he said. “This is the time to show we’re not going to accept this.”

McKunes says police are still investigating his case.

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