Victim identified in stabbing outside UMass Boston chancellor’s home

STOUGHTON, Mass. (AP) — Twenty-year-old Frabice Emile was stabbed during an early morning house party outside the home of a Massachusetts university chancellor while he was out of town, police said.

The stabbing happened early Sunday morning at the Stoughton home of University of Massachusetts Boston chancellor J. Keith Motley.

Emile was taken to a Boston hospital with serious injuries.

“I have learned about an incident that occurred at my residence last night and am very concerned about it as well as the health of the young man who was injured,” Motley said in a statement. “I was traveling and not home at the time, but I am returning as quickly as possible so that I can fully understand what happened and respond accordingly. I will have more to say at that time,” he said.

Police have not revealed the circumstances surrounding the stabbing or said whether they have any suspects. On Sunday, they urged anyone who attended the house party or has information about what happened to contact investigators.

Motley spoke out on Monday and said he’s working with police.

Motley said he had just left with his wife for a vacation in Jamaica over the weekend. He immediately flew home when he learned about the stabbing. He said his daughters, who are 17 and 20, were home with other adults supervising them.

Motley, who met with detectives after they showed up at his house on Monday, suggested problems may have arose when uninvited guests tried to get into his house.

He says his focus at the moment is on the victim and his family, which is why he rushed to return home the minute he heard what happened.

“Yeah, there is a teachable moment. I’m not chancellor today, I’m Keith, I’m a dad, I’m a father. Chancellor is a title, dad is an honor.”

The chancellor said he knows the victim and the victim’s family and has spoken with them.

Motley is the eighth chancellor of UMass Boston, a public research university in the city. He was appointed chancellor in 2007, and is a father to three children, according to his biography on the university’s website.

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