Victim of Cambridge shooting recounts incident

A man who survived a workplace shooting in Cambridge on Thursday is sharing his story. 

Investigators said he shielded himself from gunshots with his briefcase, which ultimately saved his life. 

Charles Obeid, 58, was released from the hospital Thursday afternoon and returned to his Norwood home after nearly losing his life. 

Obeid, who did not want his face shown on camera, said shotgun blasts ripped apart his coat and put holes in his briefcase. 

He said he heard gunfire fire, then turned, lifted his briefcase for protection and ran around his car and toward the building. 

Obeid has superficial wounds to his forehead and the side of his chin, but physically he is fine. He said he is lucky to be alive. 

Obeid is in charge of systems development at Senior Whole Health. He said he laid off off the shooter, a programmer he worked with for only a few months, four months ago because of the man’s poor performance. 

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