Victim of South Boston pit bull attack speaks out

BOSTON (WHDH) - A terrifying dog attack on New Year’s Eve in South Boston left one man injured and in shock.

Nick Shultz was walking with a friend when he stopped to pet an 80-pound pit bull that was tied up outside a drug store, but what happened next was a surprise.

“When I looked down I was just gushing blood and I felt a piece of my lip was hanging down,” Shultz told 7 News. “I don’t know if it got startled or what but all of the sudden it took a quick chunk out of my lip.”

Shultz’s friend, Patrick O’Donnell, said he missed the attack, but that the aftermath was hard to miss.

“He was bleeding pretty bad. He was kind of in shock,” O’Donell said.

While Shultz was getting medical attention, the dog’s owner came out of the store, grabbed the dog and walked away.

Schultz said he spoke out with hopes of warning others in South Boston to be on guard when it comes to dog encounters.

Police say the dog’s owner would not face criminal charges.

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