BOSTON (WHDH) — Victims of the Boston Marathon bombing released statements on “Rolling Stone” magazine’s decision to put Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on the cover:

MBTA Officer Dic Donohue, who was injured during the shootout in Watertown the days following the bombings, released the following statement:

"The City of Boston and the surrounding communities have faced many challenges since the bombings at the marathon finish line. The new cover of Rolling Stone has garnered much attention due to its sensationalized depiction of one of the alleged bombers. My family and I were personally affected by these individuals’ actions. I cannot and do not condone the cover of the magazine, which is thoughtless at best. However, I appreciate our country’s protection of free speech afforded to us by the Constitution. I am confident that our Boston Strong community will remain intrepid and unshaken by the cover of this magazine."

Jen Regan, Marc Fucarile’s fiancé, released the following statement:

“For over 3 months now, Marc has had to wake up every day in a hospital dealing with pain, dozens of surgeries and intensive rehab therapy. Our entire family has been focused on Marc’s recovery while we anxiously await when he can return home. The new Rolling Stone cover is disgusting. It sensationalizes Marc’s pain as well all the other victims and survivors. It is an insult to the families and people impacted that day. We know that the people of Boston are better than this and will continue to rise above this meaningless story and keep the focus where it belongs on the victims, survivors and their families who face a lifetime of challenges.”

Jeff Bauman released a statement on his Facebook page. Read it here.

The Norden brothers released a statement on Facebook. Read it here.

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