Class Act:

Victoria (Tori) Stong – South Lancaster Academy

Nominated by:

Theresa Robidoux

Nomination Story:

I am nominating Victoria (Tori) Stong for Class Act for her work on Elephants for Change. This is a description of her project from her Facebook page: “Elephants for Change is a non-profit project inspired by a mission trip to Kenya, Africa in March of 2013. The mission trip team aided in the building of a boys’ dorm at the school for the Maasai tribe in the area, as well as helping at the medical clinic. This mission trip was so inspiring I felt I needed to do more than just one trip. And so the idea to make clay elephants and sell them was born. The goal of this project is to raise money to help the people we connected with and loved. Most of the money will be donated to Africa Mission Services, the non-profit organization that the mission team worked with. The rest of the money will be used to buy new materials. I hope that through this simple project I am able to reach outside of my own community and touch the real world, spreading hope and the love of Christ in this way. God bless.”

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