Video shows car crashing through Mansfield bakery

MANSFIELD, MASS. (WHDH) - Newly released surveillance video shows the chaotic scene as a driver attempting to park at White’s Bakery in Mansfield barreled into the store.

“In the moment what I remember most was the sound,” said White’s Bakery Manager Tracy Carifa.

Carifa, who was at the store when the crash occurred last week, says one customer who had just come in the door had to leap out of the way.

“To rewatch that footage, it’s just so stunning that no one was injured,” Carifa said.

Mansfield police say the elderly woman had a medical episode and her foot slipped on the gas.

She sat in the car for several minutes before officers helped her out and found her a place to sit.

“She was obviously very shaken, just head-in-her-hands sobbing,” Carifa said. “We were very grateful she was not hurt.”

There were no injuries, and the store was able to open the next day, albeit with a slightly different look.

They say business is as good as ever and what could have been a disaster has turned quite the story among customers.

“All the Easter business we’re getting and folks coming in to place their orders, it’s really all we’ve been talking about since last week,” said Carifa with a laugh.

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