Vigil planned in Rhode Island in response to Nazi-themed stickers

BRISTOL, R.I. (AP) — A peace vigil is planned in Bristol this weekend in response to the discovery of stickers in town this week that included images of Adolf Hitler.

The vigil will be at 7 p.m. Saturday in Independence Park, according to Mel Bynum, a Bristol resident and founder of East Bay Diversity.

“COVID is not the only virus in our country. There is no vaccine for racism,” Bynum told The Providence Journal. “We have to put the work in. We need to change how we educate, starting with teaching the young the value of all lives, taking back that slogan from those who really mean to say that only their lives matter.”

Bristol police started investigating earlier this week when several stickers showing Hitler with the words “white boy summer” were found.

Police also released video surveillance of possible suspects and are trying to determine whether the Bristol incident is related to a similar case in neighboring Warren.

The phrase “white boy summer” originates with Chet Hanks, movie star Tom Hanks’ son, who claims the phrase is not meant to be racist. It is not clear if there is a connection.

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