A teen in Virginia is lucky to be alive after getting hit and dragged by a train. 

Surprisingly, he managed to use his cell phone to call his father for help. 

He and his family agree that he is lucky to be alive.     

"I was walking and out of nowhere I just got hit," Mathieu Bonhomme said. 

The 10th grader was running late for school Tuesday morning and took a short cut. 

According to police, he was walking near train tracks with his headphones in when all of a sudden he was dragged by the train. 

He remained conscious and managed to call for help. 

"I just got out and called my dad," he said. 

Bonhomme walked away with cuts on both hands and face and several other minor injuries. 

His mother was at church when the hospital called. 

"They say, ‘Your son was hit by a train,’" Evelyn Bonhomme said. "I said, ‘What? Jesus.’ Next thing I know they said, ‘You can talk with him.’ And I said, ‘Thank god.’"

Now that he is home safe and doing well, the spiritual family said their son is living proof the miracles happen.

"Keep believing in God, God is always in the business of making miracles every day," Evelyn Bonhomme said. 

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