Chilly air pouring in today. If you’re looking for more October-like weather, you’ve found it: in terms of temperature and precipitation.

Setup for tonight is ideal for a frost or freeze. Skies clear out, and with a long night ahead, our temperatures are heading south. 20s in some suburbs, mid 30s downtown. Cold enough for Frost Advisories along the coast and Freeze Warnings just inland. Difference between the two? Freezes end the growing season as the temperatures dip below freezing for several hours, while in some frost situations, with temps only briefly touching freezing, plants can survive.

Monday sees a recover of sorts as the clouds moving in. Highs should manage the upper 50s after that chilly start. Then we hold our breath and watch the next storm take shape from Tuesday to Friday.

Weather models have been quite literally all over the map with the placement of the storm, but as of last night seem to be shifting the serious flooding rains over Northern New England for this event. Appears now that we will also see the storm center drift over us by the middle and latter half of the week. This confirms the idea of heavier rain to the north and also has the effect of bumping our temperatures up. So the bottom line is less rain and milder air. And, as we all know from former coastal storms (that stall), this is a major bullet we’re dodging. Nevertheless, I remain vigilant in forecasting this long-duration storm. A slight shift south, and we’re in the fire hose.

Still, this is a wet forecast. Rain looks steadiest and heaviest on Wednesday, with lighter showers both Tuesday and Thursday. Even Friday, when the storm starts to pull away, we could see a few morning showers. This long term wet spell may get to you by the end of the workweek, especially sense we’ve been seeing such sunny weather lately. Hang in there, the sun returns next weekend, and no real cold is in sight.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


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