Fantastic weather?  It depends on who you ask!  I’d say, I’m loving this sunshine – but the kiddos I visited yesterday at a Sudbury school are all cheering for SNOW!  With weather like this, we have to take our cues from the calendar that it IS the Holiday Season, rather than cues from the scenery (or forecast, for that matter).  Highs today were a couple/few degrees above average.  If you loved today, you’ll LOVE this weekend.  Dry conditions continue and a warming trend sets in.  The moral of this story is:  We’re still waiting on Winter…

A cloud deck has moved in for this evening, in response to a weak disturbance to our north.  The clouds will erode later on this evening, leaving us with mostly clear skies.  Temps overnight will be right around freezing for most, and closer to the mid 30s for Boston – cold, but for this time of season a couple of degrees above normal.  

Tomorrow is a sunshine stunnah!  This late in the year, we may only get 9 hours and 15 minutes of daylight – but it will be bright daylight, with ample sunshine.  Light winds out of the west will allow for a sea breeze to keep coastal temps a touch cooler.  That warming trend is kicking in though, which will boost temps into the low, to even some mid 50s tomorrow.

The warming trend continues as we head into Sunday… and I do think that some spots could break 60°!  It is so warm upstairs, plus we have uninhibited sunshine with us, and we’re under a SW flow… With all of those ingredients, I think 60° is well within reach.  It will really depend on how much of that warm air upstairs can make it down to the surface.  Either way – it’s a nice day in store.  Remember the Pats game we watched on TV last week, with all of the snow in Denver?  The game at Gillette THIS Sunday against the Eagles will look NOTHING like the game against the Broncos (weather-wise, because that’s the only insight into the future I can give you).  If this is the one game you go to this season – good on you for winning the football-weather-lottery!

Watching a storm system for the middle of the week – but it looks like it’s just a chance at a glancing blow for us.  Right now, it is looking like a chance for some coastal showers/wind – but nothing significant, if anything at all.  EVEN IF this system were to hit us head on, it still wouldn’t bring us snow.  We just don’t have the cold air in place.  So for now, we continue to wait on winter.

Have a wonderful weekend!  – Breezy

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