Waitress gets $500 tip from Amy Schumer at Union Oyster House

BOSTON (WHDH) — A waitress at Boston’s Union Oyster House got a very generous tip from actress Amy Schumer when she went to dine at the famous restaurant recently.

Schumer is filming a movie in Boston and stopped in the restaurant with a friend earlier tihs month. Waitress Carey Twyman served them in a back booth and kept the prying eyes of other diners away.

“When they found out she was here, people were like running into our room and I was like, ‘No, leave her alone, she’s here, she’s a normal person,'” said Twyman.

At the end of the meal, Twyman asked for a picture with Schumer. She said Schumer said she would love to but she was trying to keep a low profile while out. Instead, she left Twyman a $500 tip on a bill of $82. A former waitress herself, Schumer has been known to give back to her servers in a big way.

“She had been in the industry and it was a way of saying thank you, knowing and understanding the industry is the way it is,” said Joe Milano, the Union Oyster House owner.

Twyman, a student at Emmanuel College, said she is putting the money towards school.

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