Class Act:

Walpole Volunteen program

Nominated by:

Michelle Griffin

Nomination Story:

I would like to nominate the Walpole Volunteen program out of our Recreation Department. This is a great program for 6th-10 graders to volunteer in many different ways. They are from all different schools in our town. Here is a short list of some of the programs they are involved in:

They volunteer at Homecoming and Walpole Day (2 huge events in town that couldn’t happen without them)
They are part of Building Bridges which has them interacting with the seniors from the Council on Aging like we did yesterday. They have also had a “senior” prom, a tball game, a dinner at Conrads, and playing games with them and “chaperoning” the seniors when at events like Concerts on the Common and Plays like Walpole Children’s Theater. They also help serve breakfast over the summer.
They also do Clean Up Walpole Day in the Spring.
They do a buddy system where they volunteer to work with Special Needs kids in town – help them take part in programs.
They volunteer at the summer programs, from Summer Academy, Little Recer’s, Summer Rec, swimming lessons.
They do car washes and bake sales and face painting to raise funds for needy families in Walpole.
They help us save the fireworks every year with canning and lemonade stands and car washes.
They help with painting murals around town.
They flag graves on Memorial Day.
They helped gut Studio East so we could use the space.
The most recent volunteering was on Tuesday, they spent 1 1/2 hours of  their day off to help package gifts to send overseas to the troops (depicted in the picture).

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