BOSTON (WHDH) - Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh announced 90 new coronavirus cases in the city on Monday, bringing the total to 825 confirmed cases, as he reiterated the need to stay home as the weather gets nicer.

Walsh said 55 Bostonians who were infected have since made a full recovery. The city’s death count remains at two.

City Health and Human Services Chief Marty Martinez said almost 50 percent of the city’s coronavirus cases are residents under the age of 39.

“It’s really important people understand that the virus can impact all people,” Martinez said. “We’re seeing it all across the board in each of our neighborhoods.”

Walsh said the city is taking steps to help residents to pay rent and mortgages and is looking to delay property tax payments until June, as well as suspend interest on excise tax payments until June 30. But he said residents should speak with their banks about mortgage payments.

“It’s incumbent on you if having a problem paying your mortgage to reach out to your bank to ask what flexibility is available now,” Walsh said.

And he said the Boston Housing Authority is working with Boston Public Schools to provide 1,000 rent vouchers to families with children in the schools, with 500 going to families in shelters and 500 to families in danger of displacement.

But Walsh has also been taking action to discourage people from gathering outside, using zip ties on basketball nets and removing hockey nets entirely in city parks. The changes began Sunday in response to 311 calls worried about large gatherings in parks.

Officials in New York City are threatening fines for people who do not socially distance when outside, but Walsh wasn’t going that far.

“My intention is not to fine people, my intention is to continue to ask people to respect each other and to follow the proper protocols right now,” Walsh said.


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