Wannabe Weekend

What was up with the temps today? Higher terrain of Central and Western Mass. felt like late September (or early October) with sweater-wearing highs in the low 60s:

Cool pool of air at the higher elevations sponsored a lot of (funky) clouds…

Courtesy: @joshb8403

…that blotted out the sun and kept us in the 60s. Elsewhere in Boston and throughout Southeast Mass. it was all about the sun…and the temperatures responded in kind. Highs made mid 70s.

This weekend wants to be as pretty as what we saw last weekend, but it has a minor blemish that keeps it from being stellar: a few lightweight, passing morning showers on Sunday. But don’t let that get you down, we’re shrugging off the cool temps and keeping the sun in the foreground (Saturday) and background (Sunday).

Highs will recover to near 80 both days and the humidity stays nice and low. In fact, all next week the muggy air should stay away – along with the storms. Fresh airmass will move in on Monday and steer away any storm threats until late in the workweek.

Enjoy these waning days of summer.