Warm it Up!

Warm it up, Jer….I’m about to #KrissKross ##TBT. Well…a storm is about to. This time of year with the sun being so weak, we have to import our warmth from other parts of the country. Sometimes we pay a tax on that import (storm) and sometimes we don’t (early part of November). This storm will be a shadow of itself when it arrives later today (after 4pm). At one time, this storm was spawning all sorts of severe weather across the south but will only bring us beneficial rains. The brunt of the rain falls after 7pm tonight and before 7am tomorrow. Most towns will pick up between .50-1.00" of rain overnight.

Woah….got way ahead of myself as the title talks about warmth. This is true. While the storm will bring beneficial rain it will also send temps through the 50s today & tonight/ in fact, the warmest part of the day will be this evening as temps rise into the upper 50s! By tomorrow morning our temps will be in the low 60s….Wednesday morning temps were in the teens. Unreal. Even tho our showers peel out of here early in the day, the warmth sticks with temps hovering in the upper 50s for much of Friday.

The weekend is a bit cooler with a cold front moving this way. That front will pop a few isolated showers Sunday morning otherwise the weekend is dry. Temps on Saturday are near 50 & the low 50s by Sunday. Looking toward the big travel week next week, no storms slated for New England or even the east coast. More on that next week.