Yesterday was mild, and today – I’d say today was WARM.  Into the mid 60s for many, with sunshine and a warm-ish breeze!  It’s almost as if Mother Nature cooked us up a warm-up yesterday, and then stuck the leftovers in the microwave to re-heat for today… because you know, things always get a little TOO warm when you stick a full plate of food in the microwave for a good nuke!  No records were broken in the Bay State, but Hartford, CT set a new record of 67°.  The old record for Hartford was 64° in 1976. 

Our highs today were 10-15, and even 20 degrees above normal for this time of year.  With that said, you can see why we can’t keep weather like this around.  Today was very ABnormal, also considering that December is just 3 full days away.  December first is also the start of Meteorological Winter.  Hard to believe, right?  I’m just hoping that today’s mild weather was a reward for our hardships we faced last winter – RATHER than a warning form Mother Nature of, "You’ll pay for this later!"  I think back to last Christmas when the high temp was 59°… and then… Well, we know what came after that.

Back to the forecast:  The colder air is not far off – and as the front pushes through (can I get a "FRO-PA!") we’ll also get some showers.  The showers for tomorrow are really light, scattered, and won’t amount to much.  It looks like up to a tenth of an inch for most spots with some dry times through the day.  Either way, if you’re heading out for some holiday shopping tomorrow, be prepared for temps in the 40s (brrrr, compared to today) and have the umbrella with you just in case.  Showers become less likely as we move into Saturday afternoon.

Now, as far as temperatures go:  With the clouds already moving in for tonight, temps will not fall very quickly.  It looks like we stay in the 50s for the better part of the overnight hours, slowly falling into the mid to upper 40s by daybreak.  We won’t rebound much (or at all) tomorrow… as temps will continue to fall throughout the day.  Just 24 hours from now, we’ll be 20-30 degrees cooler!  That’s a bit of a shock to the system.  But again, it’s NORMAL, and almost December.

Hey, by the way, who else is excited for the game on Sunday?!  GO PATS!  Have a great night.  -Breezy

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