One step out the door this morning, and you can already feel the difference.  Temps are warmer, and the humidity is up.  While temps surge into the 70s, if not close to 80, it won’t be a completely dry day for all of us.  In fact, mid to late morning (8AM-11AM),  we’ll watch a few scattered showers roll on through.  About 40% of us see wet weather in this time frame.  These showers pop along a warm front that’s working on through.  As soon as the front lifts north and some sun breaks out, temps jump up to 75-80 early to mid afternoon.  While we get our midday stretches of dry weather, I can’t rule out another pop-up storm mid to late afternoon.  A higher chance for more drops passing through is overnight as a cold front comes on through.

Don’t fret, that cold front does more good than bad.  It’s more of a change of direction in the wind, and humidity lowering front, as opposed to a temp drop off.  In fact, with full sunshine, we’ll warm into the mid to upper 70s on Mother’s Day.  This time, with very low humidity.  The only issue you may have is a westerly breeze that gusts to 25mph.  That could blow Mom’s napkin around if you’re taking her out for an outdoor lunch.  Good problem to have, right?

Monday looks great as well with highs near 80.  There will be just a slight risk of a late-day thunderstorm.

A backdoor cold front brings back onshore winds Tuesday, and cooler weather to go along with it.

Enjoy the weekend, and Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there!

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