Warm/Wet or Cold/Dry

I would say the worst winter pattern (evah?!) has to be the one we are in right now….where it’s either cold/dry then warm/wet. Full disclosure…I do like snow–maybe not 94" in 30 days like last year–as it is on the pamphlet of New England’s winter climate. If we are not going to have snow then let it be sunny & 55 (like it was in the winter of 2011-2012)..at least you could be outside & not freeze (see running, biking).

After the 1-2" deluge of rain & record warmth on Sunday we snapped right back into sunny, cold weather today. Temps have been running nearly 30 degrees colder than yesterday at this time & when you factor in that wind it feels nearly 40 degrees colder right now. that wind fades but we hold the cold overnight & into the morning commute.

Tuesday we see another weather system come at us with….more mild air. Most of your day is dry, certainly the morning commute is and I think perhaps even the evening commute is as well as this storm passes through northern New England tomorrow afternoon. This storm path means mild air greets the precipitation….plan on rain showers in metro Boston between 6-7pm. Much farther inland–as in west of I-495–it does look chilly enough for snow showers for the entire event (which will be over by 11pm). Our *special* map details how much snow is on the way….basically 1-2" Worcester Hills and perhaps a coating-1" around the metro by late evening tomorrow. Not much but could be some slick travel mid Tuesday evening.

the rest of the week is dominated by cold, dry weather with sunny skies and temps below normal. Our next storm comes at us on Saturday and, as of now, looks to continue the theme of boot the cold out then do its dirty work. That means a storm more wet than white (northern New England will see snow tho–great for the MLK Holiday weekend).

Congrats, Monday is in the rear-view mirror!