ATTLEBORO, Mass. (WHDH) — Carlos Ortiz, who was arrested in connection with the murder of Odin Llyod, told police Aaron Hernandez admitted to firing the fatal shots.

According to court documents, Ortiz told police after picking up Lloyd from his Dorchester home, the four men headed back to North Attleboro. During the ride, Oritz said Hernandez told Lloyd he had been “chilling” with people the former NFL star had problems with. But things seemed to have been smoothed over by the time the car stopped and everyone but Ortiz got out to go to the bathroom, in an industrial park. That’s when Ortiz said he heard gunshots.

7News obtained clear, color pictures from inside Hernandez’s home. Police said they showed Hernandez in a white hoodie and two others. The video was taken a short time after Lloyd was murdered about a mile.

Hernandez had an elaborate surveillance system in his house, which included 14 cameras inside and outside the home.

Still pictures from the surveillance video were included in the search warrants, which were released Tuesday.

One photo shows Hernandez in a light-colored sweatshirt entering the basement of his North Attleboro home. A second photo shows a second man in a dark-colored shirt also entering Hernandez’s basement. A third photo shows a third man in a blue and white shirt entering Hernandez’s basement.

Prosecutors said Ernest Wallace was in Hernandez’s home the night of Lloyd’s death.

Police said the still pictures are from surveillance video recorded shortly after gun shots were heard near Hernandez’s home. They’re part of 156 pages that lay out some of the evidence in the murder case against Hernandez.

According to the documents, around 10:30 the night Lloyd was found dead, police were parked in front of Hernandez’s house. He came out to talk to them and they asked him about Lloyd. They said Hernandez replied “What’s with all the questions?” and then said they’d need to talk to his attorney. He then went inside, closed the door, locked it and got his attorney’s business card. When he opened the door to give police the card they told him it was a death investigation. The affidavit said Hernandez then “slammed the door and locked it behind him. Aaron Hernandez did not ask the officers whose death was being investigated nor did he display any outward signs of concern.”

Police executed a number of search warrants, seizing cell phones, iPads, clothing, guns and ammunition, and DNA evidence. They also searched a container with the contents of Hernandez’s locker from Gillette Stadium. The Patriots turned it over after they released Hernandez following his arrest.

The one thing that was not mentioned in the search warrants was information about an alleged murder weapon.

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