Saint Patrick’s Day got off to an early start Friday morning in Lowell.

What may have helped pack the room were two star attractions: U.S. Senator Scott Brown, and his top democratic rival, Harvard Professor Elizabeth Warren.

Addressing the crowd, Warren threw a pretty good zingers Brown's way:

"Speaking of cars, I’m actually trying to figure out which is faster. Tim Murray driving a Crown Victoria or Scott Brown running away from the Republican Party," said Warren, Democratic Senate candidate.

When it was his turn, Brown's jokes were more about him than Warren:

"I’m going to be meeting a little later with all the Republicans from Lowell. And I’ll be meeting him right out back,” Brown said.

But he did try to roast her before she arrived:

“I just hope she can find her way out of Cambridge to here,” Scott Brown.

But both agree — though the Irish are known for humor — no one but their best friends will be hearing their best Irish jokes:

“I think I’m going to have to take a pass on that one," Warren said.

“I can't tell them. They're probably a little bit…not properly rated for TV,” said Brown.

The weekend of green beer and green ties is underway. Before it ends, you'll hear a lot of politicians tell a lot of jokes that aren't very funny.

Forgive them, it's the best they can do…or the best they're willing to.

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