A Washington state family wants to warn others about the dangers likely hanging around the home during the holidays after their dog swallowed a Christmas ornament hook.

Cole Preder said Scout’s curiosity caused some trouble when he saw the dog chewing on something. However, when the kids tried to get it, it was gone. They weren’t sure what the dog ate.

Scout was rushed to Arlington Veterinary Hospital where they spotted a christmas ornament hook in his stomach.

“It can catch on the intestines, it can rip the intestines and cause sepsis,” said Kellie Bartlett of Arlington Veterinary Hospital.

They caught it just in time. They were able to avoid surgery, which could have cost thousands of dollars. Cole’s father, Tyler Preder, said it taught the family a lesson.

“We were pretty careful and yet one still made it to the floor,” Tyler said.

The family has done a thorough check and there doesn’t seem to be any more.

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