Just a month after the Pentagon lifted all restrictions on women in combat, a Washington teen is already on a mission to serve her country from the front lines. 

Loren Ross is already making America and her hometown proud by becoming the second woman in the nation to enlist in the army and commit to ground-level units in the combat infantry units. 

"When I told her that the infantry was open, her face lit up like a Christmas tree," Army Sgt. 1st Class Jason Hyde, said. "She didn’t want to hear about any other jobs."

The 17-year-old reports to basic training in June 2017, so she has one year to prepare. 

"I prepare every day," Ross said. "I got out there and get my stuff done. Sergeant pushes me to my limits." 

Ross said she is making the commitment not only to be part of history, but also to carry on a tradition. Many of the men in her family served, too. 

"They were infantry men; some were in the Navy, some were in the Marines, one was in the Air Force."

She is strong, fearless and insists she’s ready. 

"I feel pumped, I’m ready and America will be proud," she said. 

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