WILMINGTON, MASS. (WHDH) - A homeowner in Wilmington witnessed a wild sight last week when two bobcats showed up in their backyard in the middle of the day. 

Days later, Alison Smith said the incident is still the talk of the town.

“Everyone is talking about it everywhere,” Smith told 7NEWS.

Smith said construction workers she hired for a home improvement project spotted the bobcats on the prowl.

Smith said the workers rushed into her house before going directly to the basement where one recorded video of the animals on his phone.

Smith said she was initially scared when she saw the bobcats close to her home. 

After rewatching the video of the sighting though, she said “they’re actually quite cute.” 

Smith said she’s seen all kinds of animals in her yard over the past 20 years. But these visitors were a first of their kind.

Smith said she’s received messages from excited community members who have seen her story of her bobcat sighting circulate. 

Bobcats are generally on the move around this time of year as it is their mating season.

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