BOSTON (WHDH) - A dog caused a scene on Storrow Drive after it got loose and started running wild.

Drivers had to stop in the middle of the busy road to try to safely corral the pup, but it wasn’t easy

“You could see the dog running on the highway,” said witness Masha Petrova. “Everybody from the cars in front of us started leaving the cars.”

Good Samaritans who could see the dog was in danger blocked off traffic and tried to make a rescue.

“Everyone was kind of worried but also smiling, the puppy is cute, it was just the idea of helping and everyone was truly hopeful,” Petrova added.

People tried different tactics to tried to get a hold of the dog, including offering the pup treats.

“The puppy just looked really scared and would not go towards anybody,” Petrova said.

After a short five-minute chase, traffic had to start moving again, but they were able to direct the dog to a safer area off the highway.

There is no word yet on if the dog was reunited with its owners.

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