FRESNO, Calif. (WHDH)– A helicopter came crashing down in a residential California neighborhood Saturday, shocking those who live there.

The two people on board survived the crash.

“I feel like it’s out of a movie. I’m just like, I look to the right and there’s a literal helicopter next to my house,” one witness said.

“I see the helicopter going out of control,” said Kenneth Williams, who also witnessed the crash. “Looking like he was trying to find somewhere to land real quick, and he goes over and he just drops.”

A woman who lives in the home said she was inside with her mother and brother when the chopper plummeted down in front of her home.

Police said the helicopter was on a test flight when it fell.

“I hear this loud noise and everything’s shaking, and then my mom just starts shouting, ‘Get out of the house now, call 911,,’ and we’re all running out of the house.”

The pilot and passenger were able to exit the helicopter, and were both taken to the hospital with minor injuries. They’re both expected to be OK.

The family whose house the helicopter fell near isn’t allowed back home until crews clear the scene. The cause of the crash is still under investigation.

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