WATCH: New Bedford teen sees color for first time thanks to new glasses

NEW BEDFORD, MASS. (WHDH) - A 13-year-old New Bedford boy is seeing color for the first time, thanks to a new pair of glasses.

Aiden Stecher was born color blind, but with a new pair of special glasses, his world is no longer black and white.

“I put them on and I can see like a normal human being,” Aiden said.

Aiden’s friends and family helped raise the money to buy the glasses for him and were there the first time he tried them on.

In a touching video, Aiden’s mother, Caitlin Besse, handed her son the new glasses, telling him she wanted him to try on a new pair.

“I always wished he could see color,” Caitlin Besse, said. “It took me years for me to learn what he could see to try and help him and stop him from walking out the door wearing camo and polka dots.”

Friends and family members celebrated the moment with brightly colored balloons.

“I was like already choked up the second everybody was there and his friends kept him occupied until the others showed up,” Caitlin said.

Aiden has a few must-sees on his list already, including his video games and a sunset.

“I really want to see what water looks like, maybe a sunset,” Aiden said. “Haven’t been able to properly see that for the last 13 years.”

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