QUITAQUE, Texas (WHDH)– A nature hike in a remote park took a dangerous turn for a Texas woman as a bison charged at her and knocked her over.

Footage she captured also captured her panicked shouts of “Oh my god!” and some curse words as she feared for her life.

She said when she encountered a pack of wild bison on her route, she tried to slowly walk past them, but one of them still charged her.

“I ran, and then when I was running, he ran to me in the back, flipped me up, gored me as he flipped me and flipped me into the mesquite bush face first,” said Rebecca Clark, the woman who survived the attack.

After that, he still wouldn’t leave her alone. Clark said he stood over her for nearly 50 minutes as she lay in the bush.

“He was like, ‘don’t you get back up!’ so– and I didn’t get back up,” she said.

She said that at first, she didn’t know how badly she was hurt.

“It was probably about 30 minutes into it before I even realized that I was even bleeding,” she said, but later realized she was hit so hard that her back could’ve been broken.

Clark managed to text for help, and rescuers arrived.

This isn’t the only recent bison attack to make headlines. In August, a British tourist was hurt and left partially paralyzed when one charged her in South Dakota. A family and another man were also attacked by a bison in June at Yellowstone National Park.

Clark is now recovering from a large puncture wound in her back, and is warning others to do their research before setting out into nature.

“I realized that even me staring at him in the eyes when I walked by was threatening to him, and that I should not have done that and will never do it again,” she said.

She added that she’s going to continue her hobby of hiking in the future.

Experts said that if hikers encounter a bison, they should give it plenty of space and leave if it changes behaviors.

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