Water main break floods Salem neighborhood on Christmas Eve

SALEM, MASS. (WHDH) - A major road, multiple homes, and several back yards were left flooded after a massive water main break in Salem on Christmas Eve, officials said.

Crews worked for several hours to repair the break on Jefferson Avenue.

Water quickly spread through back yards and into basements.

“Our mailman banged on our door and said ‘Your water pipe just burst,’” said resident Sue LeBlanc, who said it took DPW workers two and a half hours to shut off the water. “I don’t care if it’s Christmas Eve, That’s totally unacceptable.”

Residents were without water until officials restored it late Tuesday evening, and said they were concerned about damage from the break.

“We opened the door and our basement’s flooded,” said resident Mari Moreta. “Then we went out back a few minutes later to do something and my mom was like ‘Oh my God, look at the yard.’”

“We’re concerned about the sewage the smell, the possibility of mold,” Moreta added.

Residents said there have been problems in the area with water and gas for a month. The flood has turned her Christmas Eve “horrible,” LeBlanc said.

“We were supposed to go to my mom’s for Christmas, she’s 84,” LeBlanc said. “She was very disappointed we couldn’t go.”

“I’m sick to my stomach, God knows if we’re going to be able to go anywhere tomorrow,” LeBlanc added. “So Merry Christmas, everybody.”

Cleanup efforts are ongoing.

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