Water safety officers patrol in heat

NATICK, Mass. (WHDH) — Another steamy day brought many out to enjoy cooing off at a lake in Natick, and the environmental police are out in full force.

Officers Paul Norton and Matt Nardi patrolled the water.

“We’re looking for boating safety compliance, make sure everyone is having a good time but being safe and staying within the laws,” said officer Norton.

The heat had them keeping a close eye on everyone.

“You’re going to be dehydrating quicker and you’re not going to even know it,” said Norton.

It didn’t take long before Officer Nardi waved down a small power boat. The driver was a 13-year-old boy who forgot his boating safety certificate at home. He was told to go and grab it before he could continue his trip.

Another issue they looked for was drinking and boating.

“Almost identical to an automobile. You get caught in a boat it’s just like you getting in a car. You’re going to lose things,” said Norton.

They spotted another power boat and pulled up to it for a safety check.

“We’ve been looking for a bailing device, an anchor, anchor road,” said Norton.

Two officers beating the heat to keep citizens safe.