WATERTOWN, MASS. (WHDH) - Police in Watertown are urging residents to keep an eye on their small pets after a coyote attacked a dog and carried it away on Tuesday night, officials said.

“I just saw my sweet girl, and I needed to protect and save her. And I couldn’t do either one,” pet owner Ruthie said, recalling the nightmare of watching her dog get snatched up by a coyote.

Ruthie said she let her Bijon Shitsu, Moogie, out last night and that is when she was attacked and carried right off her front porch.

“The coyote had already had her in his mouth, and I was beside myself,” she said.

Paul Sakorafas witnessed the attack and said, “It was the ugly sound of an animal being tormented. It lasted maybe 30 seconds, and then complete silence.”

Ruthie said she ran into her home to grab her keys and drove along the road to try and find Moogie.

Police found the dog’s remains by a nearby golf course and they were returned to her owner.

“We’re gonna bury her, my dear friend and I,” Ruthie said. “We’re gonna bury her.”

She said she’s never seen a coyote in her neighborhood before and is warning pet owners to be careful this summer.

“I got complacent. I got complacent,” she said.

Police also took the opportunity to issue their own warning.

“Small pet warning… please do not leave your small pets alone outside,” the department said in a tweet.


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